Boise, Idaho - February 27, 1999                                                            (Updated 3/7/99)

We just wanted to share something wonderful that happened to us the last weekend of February.

We were graced by the visit of a wild, rare, endangered Trumpeter Swan. Her appearance here was a complete surprise. She is quite a distance from her normal habitat, and has apparently lost her mate.

She arrived about noon on Saturday, alone, and swam around our pond. We (and our neighbors) went outside to get a better look and take pictures. As we talked and snapped photos, she came closer.

Apparently, she became captivated with my voice or something about me, and she actually came up out of the water then walked right to me! She started "courting" me and "talking" to me. She let Carla know in no uncertain terms that her presence was unwelcome!

Since that time, she has eagerly greeted me and rushes to my side whenever she sees or hears me. She even pecks on the patio doors and tries to turn the doorknob to get into the house!

I've been trying to stay out of sight, now, so she can lose her fixation on me and find a more appropriate companion.